Interlock Spanish Roof Tile

Material  Terracotta Clay
Baking   Natural Gas
Size 11″ X 7″, 9″ X 6″, 6″ X 4″
Usage Exterior Roof
Shape Interlock
Color Natural Red/ On-Demand


Terracotta Interlock Spanish roof tiles for Home and Villa

We are a manufacturer and of Handmade Clay Roof Tiles, Terracotta Roof materials, Roof Shingles, Red roof brick tiles, and a supplier of clay mud soil construction materials for making beautiful homes and villas in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, and all over Pakistan. Our company offers custom-designed roof tiles for antique Interior and Exterior Home Design, and clay tiles are the largest industry in Pakistan. For information about terracotta tiles, the catalog, and the price list, please contact us. Our specialty is French roof tiles, Khaprail tiles, Roof Shingles, Roofing Materials, Roof Products, Ceramic roof tiles, Handmade tiles, Glazed tiles, Red clay tiles, Red bricks tiles. Various types of glazed and unglazed tiles are available from us. We bring you beautiful tiles and designs for your homes and buildings based on our extensive experience.

beautiful house roof design with Terracotta roofing tiles lahore



Clay soil mud for making red terracotta tiles

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