Terracotta Hexagon Clay Jali

Material  Terracotta Clay
Design  Hexagon Jali/Netting
Size  6″x 6″ Inch (Thickness 1″)
Usage/Application Interior and Exterior Walls / Half Walls
Shape Hexagon
Color Natural / On-Demand
Clay jali - Terracotta Face Wall Brick Handmade Tiles
Terracotta Clay jali for home exterior design

We manufacture clay handmade and dai-made clay terracotta jali at an affordable price. Additionally, we offer Eco-friendly Clay Roof Tiles for full-Home Interior & Exterior Design. In Pakistan, they are used as a roof and wall decoration, as a terracotta clay product, as a terracotta roofing tile, as well as an ornamental jali, and as an ornamental terracotta clay roof. This type of tile can be made in any size and color, depending on the customer’s requirements.


We use pure clay for making roof tiles, floor tiles, and face wall bricks.

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