We provide fly ash brick and Fly ash Clay Tiles in Pakistan. Fly ash brick is used for Building s Construction and Home Decor Solutions and fly ash brick is Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective, Sustainable, Customized to your home and Building  Requirement. We deal in manufacturing, production, and supply of Fly Ash Brick. Currently, We cover Pakistan for our quality and reliable service. We believe in Qulaity, Reliability,Effectiveness of the product. We offer design at your demand any type Clay and Fly Ash Tiles, Clay Brick, Fly Ash Brick, Clay Tuff Tiles, Pavers & Curb Stone.

Advantages Of Flyash Bricks

* Require minimum skilled workforce and primarily deploying unskilled labour.
* Economy in Energy Consumption & faster execution.
* Finished dwellings are weather-proof, thermally comfortable and durable.
* Suitable for Hurricane / Earthquake – proof constructions.
* Converting and making productive use of industrial waste products.
* Cost effective in comparison with conventional alternative.
* Environment friendly – consuming fly ash and replacing burnt clay bricks. (Clay bricks are high energy consumption, wastes agricultural land, soil erosion, banned in more and more countries) without wasting natural resources nor creating pollution..