Ittefaq Tiles is a leading manufacturer and Supplier of the finest quality clay roof tiles and floor clay tiles in Pakistan. Our most distinguishing feature is that we create clay tiles by hand and hydraulic machine, and then bake them on natural gas, characterized by extremely durable, attractive, clean, and natural-colored tiles. Our tiles are guaranteed to our clients since they are baking on natural gas following international standards. Clay tiles on our floor are squeezed by a hydraulic press at a pressure of 7000 PSI, which is the most notable characteristic of Ittefaq Tiles. In Pakistan, pure clay is used to manufacture clay tiles. Clay roof tiles, floor tiles, wall face bricks, and face tile are made by combining several types of entirely natural soil with water and drying them in the sun. After that, the tiles are ready for natural gas baking. Our tile roof tiles are extremely resistant to cold and heat in rooms or residences, and they help to maintain comfortable interior temperatures.


Ittefaq Tile is a manufacturer and supplier of red clay roof tiles in Pakistan. We import ceramic roof tiles from South America and Europe as well as selling them in Pakistan. Ittefaq tiles have been registered with the Pakistan Lahore Chamber of Commerce (LCCI) for importing various types of tiles such as Ceramic Roof Tile, Terracotta Roof Tiles, Clay Terracotta Roof Tile, Khaprail Tiles, Spanish and French Roof Tiles. The maximum resistance is 450KG (load and resistive pressure), which meets the ABNT ceramic standard’s requirements. Our company is also registered with the Trademark (TMR).TMR is the premier body of the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Pakistan.

Clay Roofing Tiles or Red Clay Roof Tiles Pakistan are manufactured and supplied by us. To bake clay roof tiles, we use natural gas. Ittefaq Clay Industry has a large selection of Pakistan’s best created and managed clays. To see the Clay Roof Tile Design, simply click the button.

Our firm makes clay terracotta flooring tiles to enhance the beauty of home floors and sells red terracotta tiles at a reasonable price. We offer squares, rectangles, octagons, and hexagons among our floor tile patterns. To see the Clay Roof Tile Design, simply click the button.

Red Clay Exterior Natural Wall Facing Tiles, Clay Brick Tiles are among the products we provide. At a suitable rate, we offer high-quality red terracotta bricks, face bricks, Clay Paver Tiles, and Wall Face Bricks. To see all the Clay Roof Tile Design, simply click the button.


We are import Ceramic Glazed roof tiles from South America (Brazil) Cejatel. Ittefaq tiles is an authorized Cejatel Brazil dealer in Pakistan. Ceramic Glazed tiles are great at resisting algae and absorbing even a little quantity of water. In a variety of hues, we have a large range of matte glazed and semi-matt ceramic roof tiles. Cejatel Brazil is a classic firm from South America that has been manufacturing traditional ceramic roof tiles and floor tiles for over 45 years and is known for its quality and creativity. Ittefaq tiles imports wave roof tiles from Brazil and install them on many beautiful homes in Pakistan. Wave roof tiles are imported from Brazil by Ittefaq tiles and are put on the rooftops of most homes in Pakistan. The WAVE Roof Tiles, with their classic design from European lines, come in a variety of colors and accessories to enhance the beauty of your homes while keeping the excellent quality of a product with minimal water absorption and long endurance.




Clay soil mud for making red terracotta tiles


100% Natural Clay

We use 100% Natural Clay material for producing Clay roof and Floor tiles and Wall tiles which preserve pure natural qualities of the clay in all of our tiling products.

Breathable, Resistant to Frost

Clay Roof and floor tiles are most breathable and resistant to frost. They protect your roof, floor, and walls from freezing cool weather in winter and keep the interior warm.

Sustained & Guaranteed

Tile made from clay or terracotta is most durable and long-lasting that it gives sustained and guaranteed performance for many many years.

Glazed Tile Waterproofing

Go through a special treatment that increases resistance to penetration and water at room temperature. Decrease heat transfer, creating the most pleasant environment. Its Glazed surface is smooth and does not release pigments, and can be washed easily, preserving its beauty.

Heat Retentive, Insulating

Clay Tiles are 100% Heat Retentive and Insulating. They protect your home or office buildings from the extremely hot weather.

Bentonite Clay or Bentonite Powder

We supply superior quality Natural Bentonite Powder to various industries across Pakistan. Natural Bentonite Powder has a tremendous swelling ability and natural thickening property. Natural Bentonite Powder is easily available on Demand within competitive prices. Bentonite Clay or Bentonite Powder mostly use in this fields as like a Drilling mud, Binder, Purification, Absorbent, Groundwater barrier, Medical, In Thai farming, Bentonite slurry walls in modern construction. Bentonite slurry walls (also known as diaphragm walls are used in construction, where the slurry wall is a trench filled with a thick colloidal mixture of bentonite and water. In the United States, calcium bentonite is mined primarily in Mississippi and Alabama. Other major locations producing calcium bentonite include Germany, Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, and China.

About Roof Tiles Wikipedia

Roof tiles are typically manufactured from locally accessible materials such as terracotta or granite, and are meant to keep rain out and make home roof beautiful. Some clay tiles have a waterproof finish, while others are made of modern materials like concrete and plastic. Roof tiles are nailed to the roof’s structure and hung from there. The tiles are generally strung in parallel rows, with each row covering the row below it to keep rainfall out and hide the nails that hold the previous row in place. Roof tiles are also available for specific locations, such as where the planes of the various pitches intersect. Ridge, hip, and valley tiles are among them. These can be manually bedded and pointed or bedded and tipped in cement mix.

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